Proper Footwear for Athletic Activities

If you are seriously in the thought of starting with practicing sports, first and foremost you should pay attention to the equipment. And the footwear plays a key role because your safety and health depend on its quality. What should we pay prior attention by choosing the footwear for different athletic activities?

Running or walking
The basic requirements are the lightness, breathability, and good absorption. The outside appearance: not high, with a massive heel area and rounded toe for a convenience of the heelball-toe roll while running, with a low heel counter. The upper part should be made of the breathable materials. The footwear for walking can have a flat and firm ribbed outsole provided with protrusive spikes for resistance to the dirt and also substantial toes. As for tracking boots, they have a rather high weight, indeed the most important thing in walking is not to speed, but the comfort. On you can find the best models of footwear for athletic activities.