Hello people, I am very glad to have you here on my site. In this post, I want to shed more light how to rock your ‘boyfriend’s jeans in a very stylish and attractive  way.
You know if you passed the night over at his place and you get stalked on what to wear, or you have your collections of boyfriends jean and you have no clue on how to wear them.

There are two ways we can do this;
(A)    Rip the jean
(B)    Leave the jean unripped
Let us start with the first one-rip the jean,
* If you want to rip the jean, you do that towards the kneel area or slightly above the kneel towards the thigh here is an example for more clarity


 *Another way you can rip the jean trouser is if you rip it widely. this tends to be more flashy and very attractive 
this is also done at the kneel region and the lower part of the thigh level.
pictures for clarity 

this looks more like the street level yet trending , flashy, sexy, attractive and intimidating .

(B) The other way you can rock your boyfriends jeans is leaving it neat and unripped.. 
just wear / rock it <3 as it is and it would look even more glorious on you than your man. 
here are some pictures for you.

1, You can wear any kinda top with this... 
2, If the trouser is too long for you, thats the extra sauce in it, you just roll it like you see guys roll their trouser as seen in the pictures above.
3, If its short, just rock it like that and give it one roll.

God bless you. 
stay tuned for my next article.. fell free to drop your comments.

read here and go out there and SLAY
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